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Event: Texas Independence Day Parade
Status Firm
Date: 4 March
Location: Austin, Texas
Coordinator: Jim H.
Synopsis: Each year for the celebration of Texas independence, a parade moves up Congress Ave. to the Capital.  This event is very similar to the Boy Scout and Veterans Day parades.  In the past, this has been a BIG event with significant TV coverage and many spectators.  The weather can be extreme hot or cold.

Sat. 4 March is the date for the annual Texas Independence Day Parade.

0730 -- Be at TXDOT parking lot for download

0830 -- Move to staging area on Congress Ave bridge

0930 -- Parade starts movement

End of parade -- either go direct to Threadgils or to TXDOT for upload.

IMPORTANT: I need to have the names of those attending and the number of persons going to Threadgils afterwards. Info needed NLT 25 FEB 2017.

Also, the parade rules state that all parade participants MUST be provided a copy of the legal page (pg 2) of the application. TID Parade pg2

New Parking for our group is shown in the attached picture. Sonic-Drive In.

Uniform: UOTD is anything you want to wear.


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