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Lone Star MVPA

Membership Application

Club Information

"To promote the awareness of, and interest in the history and preservation of historical military vehicles and equipment"

What we are...
The Lone Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association is a structured, non-profit entity dedicated to the collection, history, restoration, preservation and display of historic military vehicles and equipment.  In simple terms, we are a car club.  As such, the primary goals of the club are to:

How we do it...
As mentioned, the club is structured in order to maintain control and provide direction to it's members.  The club has a set of governing By-Laws which is our basis for operations.  There are four Executive Board members who are nominated in accordance to the by-laws and voted upon by the general membership on an annual basis.  The Executive Board positions include:

We also have an Events Coordinator who is primarily responsible for information about the multiple events we attend.

In addition to our structure, our participation in multiple events provides tremendous exposure to the public regarding our activities.  Through these activities, we gain additional publicity and are subsequently invited to participate in a larger number of events each year.  Through the hard work and dedication of it's membership, the club provides a significant number of vehicles for each event as well as participates in club event only activities such as trail rides, convoys and attendance at various military expo shows as a group.

Regular club meetings are the foundation of our activities. The President is in charge of the meeting agenda, discussion and time-allocation.  In accordance with an agenda, the routine business of the club is conducted.  Minutes are recorded and posted to this site.  Meetings are conducted on a regular schedule.   For a complete and up to date schedule, please see the Upcoming Events tab or click here:  Upcoming Events

As specified in the
by-laws, the collection of membership dues has been authorized.  The funds collected from memberships allow us the opportunity to develop and provide a bi-monthly newsletter to all current members and cover our normal and customary expenses for administration of club activities.  These dues also provide for awards, meals or snacks at various events as well as provide charitable contributions on behalf of the club to organizations or events agreed upon by the membership.

Membership is broken into three categories including Active, Complementary and Inactive.  Active members are those who have paid their annual dues and are in good-standing.  Complementary members are discretionary memberships granted for limited durations in special circumstances by the Executive Board.  Inactive members are members who are no longer current in their annual dues payment.

Currently, our membership dues are $20.00 per calendar year, $50.00 for three years.  For a limited time, if you join National MVPA you will receive a complementary 2021 membership to Lone Star MVPA! Click HERE for additional information. If you are interested in membership, please click here: Membership Application

Newsletter/Web Site...
As an Active or Complimentary member in good standing, you will receive a copy of the club's quarterly newsletter "The Transfer Case"  This newsletter contains information about the club, activities, events and information related to the historical military vehicle collector or history aficionado.

As a member, you also have access to the Lone Star MVPA web site 24 hours per day.  Here, you will find information on club activities, structure, upcoming events, past events, pictures, stories and informational links related to our club and hobby.  A longer-term goal is to publish the newsletter and other information on-line in a "Members Only" section.

If you are interested in any of our activities or have questions or comments regarding the site or club, please contact one of our Executive Board members listed below.  They will be happy to respond.

Rory C.
email: r.lsmvpa@gmail.com
Ward B
email: jwboyce@austin.rr.com
Bob H.
email: cb_haskins@sbcglobal.net
James Bisett.
Web Site
Rick H.
email: ghanson890@yahoo.com  
  Events Coordinator
Barry F.
email: drsack78728@yahoo.com

Presidents List:

2021 Rory C.
2020 Rory C.
2019 Rory C.
2018 Jim H.
2017 Jim H.
2016 Rory C.
2015 Rory C.
2014 Danny K.
2013 Madison H
2012 Madison H
2011 Madison H
2010 Madison H
2009 Rory C
2008 Rory C
2007 Rory C
2006 Scott S.
2005 Scott S.
2004 Tim W.
2003 Tim W.
2002 Danny K.
2001 Danny K.
2000 Danny K.
1999 Claude V.
1998 Claude V.
1997 Bill M.
1996 Bill M.
1995 Milburn L.
1994 Milburn L.
1993 Harry R.
1992 Harry R.
1991 Claude V.
1990 Milburn L.
1989 Milburn L.
1988 Milburn L. & Claude V. - Founders & Lifetime Members