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Event: Smithville Parade
Status Firm
Date: 7 April
Location: Smithville, Texas
Coordinator: Jim H.
Synopsis: 2018 Smithville Jamboree Parade Instructions

The parade will be held on 7 April 2018. For those downloading vehicles, the Smithville Airport has allowed us to do that there and leave our tow vehicles and trailers there. See the attached maps for the airport location. It would be best if your vehicle were downloaded not later than 0900 hrs with movement to our assigned location by 0915 hrs.

Jim H. and/or Madison H. will go to the parade check in location to get our assigned position in the parade. One or both of us will be at our assigned location. Those at the airport just need to travel from the airport on Loop 230, taking a left turn on 3rd St. Then down some 12 blocks turning right on Byrne St (at the Dairy Queen), down two blocks (itís a T intersection), turn left on 1st St, then down one block turning left on Wilkes St. Travel on Wilkes St until you see me and/or Madison. We all need to be in position at 1000 hrs for the judging.

The parade will start promptly at 1330 hrs, rain or shine. Bring a chair or stool and water/drinks.

Basic rules:
1 No alcohol
2 Drivers must be licensed
3 All pets on leash
4 Participants not allowed to leave vehicle or slow/stop the parade movement
5 Throwing items from vehicles strictly prohibited
6 When disbanding at end of parade, no blocking of parade traffic behind you.

At the end of the parade at Main & 6th St, my suggestion is that we work our way back to our initial area until the parade ends and 3rd St/Loop 230 opens up for traffic. Then head back to the airport via 3rd/Loop230.

1. There are no Porta-Potties anywhere nearby, if any.
2. Dairy Queen will be full before and after the parade; standing line only for latrines.
3. As usual, all vehicles must be personally insured; no club coverage.
4. Call me at (512)721-9472 for any questions or recommendations.

Jim H
Additional Information:

Map 1
Map 2

Uniform: UOTD vehicle appropriate .


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