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Event: Muster Day
Status Firm
Date: 22-23 April 2017
Location: Camp Mabry, Austin Texas
Coordinator: Jim H

Muster Day traces it's roots back to when Texas was still a republic.  In the early days, specifically during the civil war, on an annual basis the troops were 'mustered' or called to report.  This served two purposes.  One, to verify if the individual was still alive, and two, verify they had a weapon to fight with.

Over the years, the mustering of the troops became obsolete.  However, Camp Mabry holds on an annual basis a Muster Day where enthusiasts of all periods from the Civil War through current times can display their historical items of significance and show them to the general public.  These items include Civil War era cannons, muskets, bayonets and uniforms.  A large contingency of WWI and WWII displays are present complete with vehicles, uniforms, armor and accessories.  Yet others display their Korean, Vietnam and Desert Storm items of historical significance.

Overall, this is an excellent show to participate in or simply attend.  Nowhere in this region can you view such a time capsule of items of military significance in one location.


Details: Muster Day, Camp Mabry (April 22-23st).  Setup can begin on Friday.  First person to arrive, check in with Jeff H at the museum.   

***Important!  All participants must register.***

Parking for tow vehicles is available.

Uniform: Period Correct


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