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Lockhart Parade, 2021

12 Junr, 2021

Lockhart, Texas


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EVENT: Lockhart Parade
LOCATION: Lockhart, TX
DATE: 12 June 2021

Back on track again after last years parade cancellation the annual Lockhart Chisholm Trail parade was back in full swing this year. This was our first parade of the season after a year long drought and we had an excellent club member showing with Rory, Panda, Kelly P., Maddawg, Scott P., Andy, Jim H., Ralph, Sam. Bob H. Danny and one of our newest members Brad B. along with several family members and friends. Our rendezvous point was the parking lot across form the HS football field and once all were ready to go our convoy was blessed by a friend of mine who is our Chaplin for my Vietnam Vet groups and VFW. We formed up and headed to our designated parade location which is now our permanent designated location. Lined up and now the usual line up and wait time. Our permanent line up spot also comes with a small grassy and shaded area for hanging out. Finally it ls start time and even thought the line up was a little smaller that last year there were sill over 100 entrants in the parade. With the no throwing anything form the vehicles rule in place my Chaplin friend Larry walked behind tossing spent brass to the kids and was a huge hit. Always a crowd favorite, especially with the judges we brought home the 1st Place Chisholm Round Up Plaque. I've heard everyone has their day in the barrel and I guess Saturday was mine. We did the parade just fine and on our way back to the load up location my truck decided to take a break and quit running. With everyone's help it was towed back and loaded on the trailer. That being done we headed for BBQ and there I ended up getting stuck in some high grass wet ground. Rescued again, we had lunch and headed home. The truck is running great again so it looks like a vapor lock problem or bad coil. Another project, oh what fun these vehicles are Danny



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