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WW2 Reenactment at K C Ranch

21 November, 2020

Waco Texas


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EVENT: WW2 Reenactment at K-C Ranch
DATE: 21 November 2020

Once again this event at K-C Ranch was a huge success, maybe not in numbers but, with quality. The weather was good, and the activities that took place were great fun and all comradery. I took off from home Friday at 1030 hours and arrived at 1230 hours with one hundred miles added to the odometer. The weather was great and a few folks had already arrived and begun setting up their tents and starting their camp lives for the weekend. I set up a small tent for my buddy Ryan that was to come in later. He came to be with the resistance fighters on Saturday. I put together a new dress uniform for my General Monty impressions, which was a big hit with everyone. However, I did wear it until Saturday evening.

The evening was spent in a brand new beer garden, still not complete but, it was able to handle our needs. The structure is a copy of one in Germany and is what every reenactor needs in their own back yard. A special beverage was served for those that indulged in adult libations. As the folks celebrated our gathering time flew by and we all went to our camps late in the night, I noticed the time as I laid my head down was 0100 hours.

When I got up Saturday morning at about 0600 hours I found that a heavy fog had moved in and everything was wet. I made coffee for two and began getting ready for the day's activities. Breakfast was served at 0800 hours, once again provided by our hostess Barry's wife. After the great meal, the safety inspection began at about 0845 hours. A short briefing was given and off to the battlefield, the troops marched at about 0945 hours.

Charles W. along with other close friends of Lone Star in the 6th Cav. took part in the battle with two jeeps with M2 .50s mounted for action. There were a few jeeps belonging to the US Army reenactors and British units each with weapons, well-marked, fully dressed, and all in great condition.

Once again we spent the evening at the beer garden enjoying a great deal of drink and potluck dinner. There were many stories of course both from the events of the day and of the past events of our lives. It was a great time spent with old and new buddies. I do want to point out this event is on private property and the owner is one of the finest people I know.

Barry's newest addition to the property is a very large house and the whole first floor is committed to his hobby of collecting military vehicles. It is an honor to know Barry.



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