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JBSA Veterans Day Driving Tour

12 November, 2020


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EVENT: JBSA Veterans Day Driving Tour
DATE: 12 November 2020


I wanted to take a moment and thank the 502nd staff and other JBSA entities for making our "Driving Tour" on Veterans Day a success. I've attached several pictures from some of the participants to give you an idea of the great day we had.

We are very appreciative of all the efforts to facilitate access to the installations. The APC personnel were stellar and efficient in getting the group through each gate. The short organization window didn't make things easier, but thank you for educating us on the proper procedures. There has been expressed interest from the vehicle owners that if JBSA has any events to support, they would be willing to help given time to prepare.

The drive between posts was mostly uneventful. A lot of supporting honking of horns, waves and picture taking. Unforeseen construction detours didn't delay us long. In the end, we had to cancel the leg to Randolph AFB because of several maintenance issues developing...can't be helped sometimes with antique vehicles.

The day was a success. Great weather, wonderful support, camaraderie and a day spent driving. Your support made our day an event to recall fondly. Look forward to supporting San Antonio and JBSA in the future. Thank you for Your Service, and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.




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