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Safari, 2020

17-18 October, 2020

Liano Texas


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EVENT: Safari 2020
LOCATION: Llano, Texas
DATE: 17-18 October 2020


Well, we pulled off a wonderful safari this past weekend west of Llano on an old buddies ranch. Glenn H. the owner and host made the arrangements for us. This idea was mine nearly 10 years ago and we did about two a year for a few years but, it's been about 5-6 years ago that we did the last one.

Not all of the oldtimers could come but, we had a good number of new folks come with a headcount of 11 guests. We all arrived Friday and set up our large camp. We went to a small village just short ways to the south and had dinner, drinks, and returned to camp late into the evening with most of the guests well lubricated. I was a chosen driver being that I do not indulge. The stars were big, very bright, and while in bed the only thing I could hear was the ringing in my ears and some coyotes now and then. It was cool but, under my 5 wool blankets, I felt great.

We all got up early and one of our group, one of my oldest buddies Jim "Boz" had already made cowboy coffee, that I had taught him how to make long ago. He also prepared our breakfast over the campfire and we eat very well before the long walk for the hunt. I didn't go on the hunt, been there many times, and someone needed to secure the camp and make sure the jackals didn't get into the food packs. The hunt began at about 9:30 am and lasted well over an hour. When they returned it was great to hear the many stories of some fine marksmen and markswomen.

Not long after the return, we had tea, sweet biscuits, and heard some wonderful old music. Some of the fellows played domino's and of course began partaking in refreshments. Around noon one of the huntresses brought out a large ham, a variety of bread, and an assortment of other condiments. We ate well and relaxed for a while. The wind picked up some and kept it cool for the rest of the day and into the evening. At around 3:00 pm an alarm came by a native that brought word of a lion having killed one of the porters so, a hunt began and the lion was soon dealt with.

At 7:00 pm dinner was provided by our hostess, Glenn's wife. One of the young servants and I portraying such served plates of chicken, cream noodles, green beans, and German Chocolate cake. After dinner, we all relaxed around the campfire. I made a deckchair (canvas sling type) for the event so, I was very comfortable and enjoyed hearing the old songs, stories, and jokes late into the night. I can't sing or remember songs at all. It was not as cool as the night before however, the wind had blown a lot of bits of cactus into my tent making it difficult to move around without getting stuck. The dag stuff must have missed me as it seemed to rich out and hug me all the time. Some of it ever managed to hitchhike home with me.

The next morning once again Boz had made the coffee ready before folks got up. Knowing the day was to be hot and most of the folks having a long drive home we began breaking camp early. Not that I had much more gear than the others I knew our host might need help so, I took my time and was the last to depart.

The event time period was any impression up to 1930. We each changed into different impressions or dress clothing for dinner. A grand time had by all. I'm not sure when the next safari will be but, everyone stated it was the best event they've ever been to and will return.

Barry "Dr. Sack"



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