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K-C Ranch

8-9 May, 2020

Waco kcranch


Start Over

EVENT: K-C Ranch
DATE: 8-9 May 2020

Friday, May 8th, 2020 with a bit of cloud cover the wind was blowing and the air was cool but, it was great to be outdoors and setting up a camp for the first time while the virus is still active we began to restart our lives. J. D. H. came in shortly after I set up the camp and he unloaded his gear and WW2 jeep. After getting settled in we took off to explore the active ranch finding the paths through deep uncut grass was quite fun. We found the Longhorns and there was a newborn white calf just as cute as could be. We found a few trails that hadn't been used in some time one with some challenging washouts. There's a good number of trails and small water crossings but nothing difficult for the jeeps. There's also a new firing range and many small lakes and stock tanks around the place. Robert C. came in with his M29 Weasel and a good number of his weapons quite impressive. There was a good number of allied and axis reenactors with jeeps, a few other vehicles, light, and heavy weapons. Barry K. had an MB jeep pulling a real fully functional German WW2 37mm Anti Tank Gun. Saturday, May 9, Wayne M., living only 13 miles away drove his Farret in and it received some nice comments from many of the reenactors.
J. D. took part in the battle and had a grand time. Wayne took to the trails exploring the areas outside the battle area. After the battle, I went along with him to cover the area that J. D. and I had gone over the day before.



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