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Ft Hood Rally, 2020

9 October, 2020

Fort Hood Texas


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EVENT: Ft Hood Rally
DATE: 9 October 2019
Well guys this was a FUN activity. Weather was beautiful for October. Lot of foot traffic. We were setup in front of Ft Hood, PX. There was something missing. Yep you two.

There wasn’t ONE M38A1 or M37. Lots of vets along with active soldiers. I had many Nam vets and vets from later years say “that was first Jeep I drove in the Army”. Everyone had an experience to share. The funniest experience when a former active, now TXNG go off on my spit shined jump boots. Oh my she was a trip. She asked if she could take pictures of my boots. To heck with the Jeep. Had several that talked radios. The RT-524 was “what I worked on”. Has a long conversation with a young soldier about radios. That is his job in Army. He talked about encryption vs the “old radio”. I eventually gave him Steve H’s phone number. He was fired up about talking to Steve. Madison, the radio setup in your M37B1 would have drawn a crowd. There was aM151A1 next to me that had a M60 on pedestal and lots of ammo cans.

He drew lots of lookers. My cousin and husband came out. She enjoyed hearing the stories. I told them I normally raise the hood. So, I raised it. WOW lots of young motor heads came looking. Lots of questions. Biggest comment “ so simple”.


AAR from Dan M, Organizer

All, Thank you once again for supporting another great weekend at Fort Hood.   Very few events I can remember when we didn't have a hiccup or two.   This year is the same and once again, we got ourselves safely home.   Well done!  

I learn something every time we go out on the trails and the collective experience on the trail can't be beat!  Already the kind words I've received make it all worth while. The display on Friday was the best we've had in the 10 years we've been conducting the Rally.  

The Main PX is definitely the best location for a static display.  I estimate we have 800+ Soldiers and Family members come by.  The weather was great, the displays beyond the vehicles were outstanding.  

Thank you everyone! Fort Hood is increasingly supportive of our event, and I was tentatively asked about supporting other Fort Hood activities and entities. If I get enough advanced notice, I will certainly pass on the word to everyone.  


AAR from Les R.
EVENT: Fort Hood Military Vehicle Rally
DATE: 9-11 October 2020

I REALLY  had a great time.  Was well worth the time and effort of preparation.   Met wonderful vets and active soldiers, spouses, and children.   You would enjoy also.  

Of course, we should volunteer to assist Madison setup and breakdown his “small” version of display.   Nothing like going to a car show.   There were no M38A1 or M37.   Y’all would draw lookers and tire knockers.



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