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28 September, 2019

Camp Mabry, Texas


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EVENT: Touch a Truck
LOCATION: Camp Mabry, Austin, TX
DATE: 28 September 2019

Vehicles in Event: M38A1 Willys, 1948 Harley Servi-Car, M35 2-1/2T Trk, M813 5T Trk, M931 5T Tractor w/Semi Van

Members in Event: Jim H, Barry F, Andy P, Scott P, Rory C, Panda B

This event was originally scheduled for May but was cancelled for heavy rain at the time. This time we had warm weather but no real rain. The event was a hands on experience mostly for kids, but adults liked the displays as well. It was to raise monies for abused/battered children and parent non-profit support agencies. Previous events raised quite a sum of monies for the agencies to operate. The organizers took good care of us with a morning snack, lunch and cold water thru out the day. The surprising thing is the kids were more interested in getting in the back of the cargo trucks and semi trailer (loaded with tool benches and racks) with a minor interest in the cabs. The jeep was busy with most kids sitting in it for photo ops. Adults more than the kids were interested in the Servi-Car. This is a very worthwhile event that is enjoyed by our members although we still had a commercial big rig truck behind us with its horn pointed toward us which didnít help our ears any as the kids love to hit the horn buttons.
Jim H.



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