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Smithville Jamboree

27 April, 2019

Smithville, Texas


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EVENT: Smithville Jamboree
LOCATION: Smithville, TX
DATE: 26 April 2019

Madison H., Danny K., Jim H., and Rick H. met in Smithville for the annual Smithville Jamboree on Saturday the 26th at 0800 at the Smithville Airport. The parade was scheduled to start at 1:30pm so we quickly headed to town to line-up. The weather was great, warm with a slight wind and no clouds. Danny and Madison brought their M37's, Jim brought his M38A1, and Rick brought his GPW.

The parade started at 1:30 with a great crowd. I was most impressed with the people watching the parade for as we drove past with our American flags mounted to our trucks, the people stood, took off their hats, and put their hands over their hearts. It was good to see.

Once we finished the parade we discovered that Madison was having vehicle problems. We went back and gave him a ride to his truck while a couple of us stayed with his vehicle. After Madison got loaded, we headed to the airport, loaded and all departed for home. It was a great parade.

We won the Fallen Hero's Award.



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