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Scout Parade

2 February, 2019

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Scout Parade
DATE: 2 February 2019

Saturday Feb. 2nd. was the date for the 70th annual Boy Scout Report to State and Parade. Over 1000 scouts and leaders lined up on the Ann Richards Bridge for the march up Congress to the State Capital. As in years past Lone Star MVPA did it's part by giving rides for one Venture Crew, one scout troop and three cub packs.

Providing vehicles and driving were Marc H., John SS, Fred H., James H with co pilot Charlie S., Herb T., James B., Jim H. and Danny with ever faithful Hercules. For most of the cub scouts and their leaders it was their first parade and they got to ride in real military vehicles. Some of the best features of the parade was that it was warm and not raining. Having done those parades in the rain, the freezing rain and just freezing, the weather Saturday was a real blessing. Thank you Chaplin James.

Some fog started rolling in about parade start time but nothing major. As the saying goes, "good times were had by all" A good way to start the 2019 season.



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