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Purple Heart Veterans Day Parade

11 November, 2019

Austin Texas


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EVENT: Purple Heart Veterans Day Parade
DATE: 11 November 2019
The 1919 Chapter of the Purple Heart ASSO. Requested support of the LSMVPA to provide an open vehicle to transport their Purple Santa Clause in the parade. Madison H who has been doing this support since 2005 again proudly transported Raymond Diaz (Purple Santa) in his M 37A1 Truck. Madisonís Grandson Joey H (LSMVPA) member rode shotgun. The on lookers really liked Santa and the Kids went wild as we passed by. This year was better attended than last year. Many Veterans and people hold signs thanking us for our Service. This Year Raymond did not attend the meeting in the Capitol so at the end of the parade we stopped to pick up three Purple heart guys and returned them to the TEXDOT parking lot. The Vehicle performed well and no one was injured. The weather cooperated, it was cool, dry, and overcast. Great weather for a parade. The Purple Heart guys had a small turnout, 8 members. This was just enough members to carry the Banner and flags. Our position in the parade was # 22 and we had to be on the bridge by 07:15. The commander of the Purple hearts thanked me and the LSMVPA for our support. All the riders also thanked me for the ride.




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