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Lockhart Parade

15 June, 2019

Lockhart, Texas

EVENT: Lockhart Chisholm Trail Roundup Grand Parade
LOCATION: Lockhart, TX
DATE: 15 June 2019

Vehicles in Parade: 5T Tractor 2each, M1009 2each, M274 Mule, M37, M38A1 Jeep 2 each

Members in Parade: Rory C, Panda, Scott P & Wife, James H & Angie, Kell W & Wife, Danny K, Madison H, Jim H

Although we expected more folks to attend, the number of vehicles was more than sufficient for us. The weather did cooperate as far as rain is concerned. It was hot but a fairly stiff breeze helped a lot. The event went off quite smoothly although one member couldnt find his keys (Jim H); they were found in time for our movement in the parade. Lesson learned: Keep your keys in your pocket or keep a spare set in the glovebox.

As usual, the Lockhart folks both respected and appreciated our military vehicle presence. After the parade we all went to the BBQ place for lunch. I can safely say that everyone had a most enjoyable time.

Jim H.



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