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LaGrange Parade

31 August, 2019

LaGrange Texas


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EVENT: Fayette County Fair (La Grange Parade)
DATE: 31 August 2019

Vehicles in Parade: M38A1 1/4T Jeep (Jim H); M37B1 T Trk (Danny K); M37 3/4T Trk (Madison H); M185 Shop Van (Matt T); M185 Shop Van (Jackie W)

Members in Parade: Jim H, Danny K, Madison H, Matt T, Jackie W

Although very little parade guidance was provided this year, the parade went off without a hitch. We were also fortunate to have an early spot in the parade (#11 in the lineup). The weather was typical Texas weather: hot, humid and little to no breeze. We did manage to get parked near the school again this year which did allow us to find some shade. I also noticed we have cemented a greater rapport with the Marine Corps League as evidenced by the conversations we had. The parade had more of a turnout this year as compared to before and the folks were all smiles. Madison H won 1st Place in the Antique Vehicles class and Jim H won 2nd Place in the same class. After the parade we made our way the La Grange Heroes Museum to provide a static display for a couple of hours and check out some new additions to their display. During the static display we went to lunch at the recommended restaurant and enjoyed a good meal and conversation. Everyone made home safely. Another community service provided.

Jim H



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