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Gonzales Parade

5 October, 2019

Gonzales, Texas


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As usual, the town really turned out for the parade. The weather was a little warm but clear. After trying to find our location, the Convoy Commander having had a little direction problem, we found our spot. Although asking for 85 feet, we had to diagonal 45 degrees back into our spot. It wasn’t to bad as we were very close to a Marine Corps League float and had a good period of camaraderie with them. We still had a long wait again as usual; 1-1/2 to 2 hours wait. At the start line we were given a plaque for 2nd Place, Best Out of Town unit. The parade turned out to be about 4 miles long winding thru town. We received more than a few Ooh’s and Ah’s with a lot of the younger crowd oogling the ATV Gun Platform. It was enjoyed by all. Jim H.



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