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Stephanie Nichols’ 8th Annual Car & Vintage Plane Show

23 February, 2019

Georgetown Texas


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Event: Stephanie Nichols’ 8th Annual Car & Vintage Plane Show
Date: Feb 23rd, 2019
Location: Georgetown Municipal Airport

The weather has been somewhat damp the past few weeks, so when the forecast was looking up to be a sunny day I thought the old ‘gal needed to stretch her legs a bit. With that, I drove the short three or four miles over to the airport and found my appointed spot. In addition to my 1953 M38A1, there were approximately 300+ other vehicles present. And Devil Dog (the B25) was flying too.

The variety of vehicles was stunning. If you could think of it, it was probably t here and was immaculate. There were some really nice cars there. And everyone of them except mine had the “don’t touch/just look” stickers. Mine? As usual it turned i nto a photo booth of sorts with a line of kids and parents wanting a picture while climbing all over it.

When the show was over, I wandered over to the local Sonic for a late lunch where again the vehicle had lots of comments.

A good day indeed.

Scott S.



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