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Founders Day

21 september, 2019

McGregor, Texas


Start Over

First ever in my life, I entered a car show. Peopleís Choice Car Show at Founderís Day, McGregor, 21 Sept. 2019. Won 2nd place. Lost to the blue Camaro. However, I had talkers and galkers like flies at a picnic. Had a great time visiting and showing off my Jeep and trailer. Also participated in parade. Talked to lots of veterans. Most had driven or rode in one. Met a Marine that told me a story about cutting them up in Okinawa for scrap. Said so many were disappearing that a quarter was counted as complete Jeep. Everyone has a story.

Sunday, 22 Sept 2019. Stopped at Shipley Donut near my house for coffee before unloading. Took me an hour to get inside. Before I could get out of truck had lookers. Two local police stopped with donuts to have a look. One was a female officer. Former MP at Ft. Hood. She said she had only seen one in Museum.



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