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Father's Day Car Show

15 June, 2019

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Father's Day Car Show
DATE: 15 jine 2019

Yesterday I attended the third annual Travis Country Fathers Day Car Show. There were around 30 vehicles on display. There were at least half a dozen 60's muscle cars, some equivalent modern day cars and some very nice older jeeps and trucks. I had the only military vehicle on display. This was the first outing for what I call my Sarge Simulator. I've built a rig that will play short sentences from the Disney character "Sarge" through speakers hidden in the jeep. It's set up to detect motion at the front of the jeep which activates the player to grab a random sound file of about 20 different messages. This was an event that was heavily attended by kids so I thought this would be a good test for the project. The Sarge Simulator was a success and I won the Best Truck category.



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