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Buda Parade

9 November, 2019

Austin Texas


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EVENT: Buda Veterans Day Parade
DATE: 9 November 2019
9 Nov 19 was the 2nd annual Veteran's Parade in Buda, TX. Representing LSMVPA were Danny K., James B., Jamie H. and a cameo appearance by our Snow Bird member Merv P. It must have been his red beret because everyone wanted a picture with Merv. If he had charged a dollar for every picture he would have made a lot of money this morning. For this being the 2nd annual parade and being in Buda it was very well participated i n and attended on the side lines. We were number 17 in the line up with several more behind up. In fact, the parade line up was about as long as the parade route.

One thing you don't have to deal with too often is that in Buda the train track runs through town and about half of the parade line up made it across the tracks before the train came through. For the back half of the line up the parade lasted about 15 minutes longer. It was an excellent small town parade and we won a first place trophy for Most Patriotic. Keep 'em rollin" Danny




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