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Austin Veterans Day Parade

11 November, 2019

Austin Texas


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EVENT: Austin Veterans Day Parade
DATE: 11 November 2019
Monday, 11 Nov. was the date for the annual Veteran's Parade in downtown Austin. Up until the last minute is was a 50/50 shot if the parade would even happen because of impending extremely cold weather and icy conditions. As it turned out luck was on our side and the weather held off until the afternoon and it was a go for the parade. This year we were number 75 in a field of over 125 entries in the parade and we had a very strong showing of members and vehicles. With a combination of about 18 jeeps, 3/4T trucks, 1009s, dully pick up, deuces, and an 18 wheeler we were a small parade by our selves. For most us this will be an end to another event filled year and now time for rest, repair and maintenance and get ready for a new decade of events and service.




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