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Touich A Truck

12 May, 2018

Camp Mabry, Texas


Start Over

EVENT: Touch-a-Truck Charity Event

LOCATION: Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

DATE: 12 May 2018, 0900-1500 hrs

Vehicles at Event: 1- M38A1 Members at Event: Jim H

Even though it this was a single vehicle showing t was a success. The largest grouping of kids was aged 2 yrs through 5 yrs old. I did have about half a dozen of veterans showing interest and had some good conversations. One was an advisor in the III Corps sector and had a couple of good stories to tell. The reason I said it was a success was due to the fact that I had a constant line of 6-10 kids/parents the entire time. I never had them lined up before like that. The only jeep part casualties I had were my turn signal dash switch was broken off and one kiddo was standing in the back seat with the cross I keep on a knob on the dash he broke the string I had attached to a grenade ring. All in all not bad for having that many kids sitting/playing in it. I only got one good picture at the initial setup. Ended up parking the truck/trailer in the back lot where the down loaders and reenactors park during the Muster event.

Jim H.



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