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Texas Independence Day Parade

3 March, 2018

Austin, Texas


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Texas Independence Day parade
Saturday, March 3rd 2018

We were blessed with pleasant sunny weather this year, but the parade participation was still smaller than in years past. Just a few years ago, staging for this parade used to fill the Congress Ave bridge, this year we were scattered about the bridge with a lot of room in between. Quite a few of the regular groups were nowhere to be seen.

Due to this, the parade organizers asked us to spread out as much as possible to make a bigger footprint in the parade!

For the LSMVPA, this was the year for mechanical issues or illness preventing members from showing up, so our own line was a bit thin. At least five of the expected vehicles decided not to take their owners to the event, while two drivers were too ill to attend with their vehicles.

We did have Jim H with his M38A1, James B with his MB, Caitlin C with the M274A5 Mule, Rory C with his M1028A2, and Scott P with his M35A2. Those attending without vehicles included Danny K, Ward B, James and Amanda H, and Barry F. Several family members also participated.

A good time was had by those who attended.


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