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Smithville Jamboree

7 April, 2018

Smithville, Texas

EVENT: Smithville Jamboree Parade
LOCATION: Smithville, TX
DATE: 7 April 2018

Vehicles in Parade: 3- M38A1 (Jim H), M37 (Madison H), 2-1/2T Van (Matt T)

Members in Parade: Madison H, Matt T, Jackie W, James W, Jim H

The weather was very cool with a strong wind making it feel cooler. Fortunately the rain storms had finished early in the morning. All personnel were in line by 0900 hrs for the judging. We then had to wait until 1330 hrs for the parade to start. This made for a long wait time which we took advantage for chow and good conversation. Madison also let his assistant driver (Ho Chi Min) out of the cab to sit for a while. That sure surprised some folks.

We took the trophy for “FALLEN HERO AWARD”.

All in all we enjoyed the friendship time.

Jim H.



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