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Veterans Day Parade Purple Heart

11 November, 2018

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Purple Heart
DATE: 11 November 2018

Mr. Carl Rees ( Purple heart recipient ) who flew OH6's in Vietnam and Planner for The Purple Heart Chapter 1919. Request the support of the Lone Star MVPA for one vehicle to Carry Purple Santa. Madison Hughes did support Purple Santa (Maj. Raymond Diaz, Ret.,Vietnam Medic, Purple heart recipient) The Purple heart parade number was #4 and the M37A1 1953 3/4 Dodge power Wagon was on the bridge at 07:00 per the Parade line up time table. As always in this parade we moved our position three times.We had three vehicles Mr. Rees's Yellow hot rod, My M37 and Mr. Cowan's mule. The weather was good and the temperature was mild. The Parade started on time. The Kids Loved Santa and the parade went very smoothly! The people on the sides of the road were very nice with lots applauding. As the driver I must have saluted at least 100 Veteran with a military hat or part of a uniform. Purple Santa got out at the Capital for the Purple heart ceremony. I was released and back in the parking lot by 10:00.



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