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Smithville Memorial Day

28 May, 2018

Smithville, Texas


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EVENT: Smithville Memorial Day
LOCATION: Smithville, TX
DATE: 28 May 2018

Members of the Lone Star Military Vehicle Preservation Asso. Were requested to support the Smithville Veterans Memorial Park "Laying of the Wreaths". Memorial Day Monday 28th May 2018. Event started at 09:45. The club has supported this event for the past 3 years. The requestor was Mrs. Kathy Karcher of Smithville city hall. We managed to provide a Squad of members representing many conflicts from Civil War to Present. Our squad was in the appropriate battle gear for the period they represented.

This year un-like the last three years the weather was good, No rain. The event went well with the reading of all the names of Bastrop County who died serving in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Desert storm. The reading of the names took eleven minutes. A single ring of a bell was heard after each name was read. During that time the Squad remained at attention and rendering the hand salute.

Parking between the Recreation center and the park was easy this year with the Squad parking close to gather to be able to pass out the equipment carried during the event.

After the event our members were invited to attend lunch at the local VFW.

Members who participated were:

Danny K Air Force Vietnam era
Madison H Army Korea era
Jim H Army Vietnam era
Jackie W Army Airborne Vietnam era
James W Army Radioman Vietnam era
James Bisett Army WW2 infantry era
Barry F Texas Cav Civil War era
Blanca F Army Nurse Vietnam era
Toby C Army Artillery WW2 era
James Hyatt Army Tank Commander Desert Storm era

Support personnel was Charlie S who helped everyone with their field gear.



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