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Lee County Parade

19 May, 2018

Giddings, Texas


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EVENT: Lee County Fair Parade / Display
LOCATION: Giddings, Texas
DATE: 19 May 2018

Vehicles in Parade: M38A1, M37, M715, M109 2-1/2T Van

Members in Parade: Madison H, Joey H, Tim B, Matt T, Jackie W, James W, Jim H

The weather was fairly mild with partly cloudy and a good stiff breeze. Madisonís table display of weapons and a varied assortment of other equipment was well received. There were more visitors to the tables than in previous years. We missed Dan C and Danny K due to unforeseen circumstances, but they will there next year Iím sure. We were provided a sausage wrap for lunch.

On the parade side, although the parade was somewhat short, we had four vehicles with seven persons either driving or riding. Our vehicles were again well received.

We, the Lone Star MVPA, once again fulfilled a service to the community during the parade, the Lee County veterans during their ceremony and the display of equipment and vehicles at all other times at this event.

Jim H.


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