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Fayette County Fair Parade

1 September, 2018

LaGrange, Texas


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EVENT: Fayette County Fair Parade

LOCATION: La Grange, Texas

DATE: 1 Sep 2018

Vehicles in Parade: M37, M37B1, M38A1, M-185 (2 each)

Members in Parade: Danny K, Madison H, Joey H, Jackie W, James W, Matt T, Todd T, Tristan T, Colton T, Jim H

The weather was a typical hot sunny summer day for a parade but it went off without a hitch. We had good conversations among ourselves, especially Todd and his sons. This was their first parade activity since joining the club. Although his truck was not ready for a parade yet, it gave him a good feel for what goes on at a parade. We also spent some time with older groups we have been in parades with before such as the Schulenburg VFW with their club owned M37 and a Marine Corps League group with their club owned M38A1.

Congratulations goes out to Danny K (1st Place Plaque, Antique Truck), and Madison H (2nd Place Plaque, Antique Truck).

Jim Holder


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