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Field of Honor

4 November, 2018

Georgetown, Texas


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EVENT: Field of Honor
LOCATION: Georgetown, TX
DATE: 4 November 2018

On Sunday 4 Nov. Georgetown held it's second annual Field of Honor celebration to honor first responders and veterans. The idea was to place a flag with the name of the person you were honoring and the flags were placed at the San Gabriel athletic field. There were approximately 2000 flags placed on the field. It was quite a sight to see. The event was a week long celebration with various programs taking place every day. The LSMVPA provided vehicles for a static display at the opening ceremony. Attending the ceremony with vehicles was new member Todd T., wife Kristin and sons Colton and Tristan, along with John B. and Carolyn, Rory and Panda, Danny with Hercules and Barry in full WWI Dough-boy uniform to honor his grandfather. Barry seemed to be the star of the show having his picture taken with about every youngster there. Anyone interested is placing a flag there next year can check out the Georgetown Field of Honor website for details. Another outstanding event for the club




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