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Cedar Park 4 July Parade

4 July, 2018

Cedar Park, Texas


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EVENT: Cedar Park Independence Day Parade
LOCATION: Cedar Park, TX
DATE: 4 July 2018

Participating in this event were Caitlin and David C with the M274 Mule, with their mum as passenger; Kelly P driving Rory's M1028A2; Domingo M and grandson in their M1009; Jackie and James W in Rory's M1009 with M416 trailer; Andy P and Scott P driving Scott's two M35A2s, and Rory C in the M931A2 tractor.

Caitlin had specifically asked for a very large flag for the Mule, and David C provided one he carried with him on his last Marine deployment.

The parade is well attended, and the vehicles were popular with the crowd, and made it onto several news and social media posts. Cedar Park Police Chief Mannix rode with Rory in the M931.

Thanks to the City of Cedar Park facebook page, and the Hill Country News for the use of their photos.

Rory C.



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