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Burnet Air Show

8 September, 2018

Burnet, Texas


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EVENT: Burnet Air Show

LOCATION: Burnet, Texas

DATE: 8 Sep 2018

Vehicles in Parade:

Members in Parade:

Tropical storms had dumped rain on us for days prior to the event, but ground reconnaissance the day before showed the ground in good shape, so we went.

In all we fielded seven trucks and two trailers, with several members attending but without their vehicles.

Attending were Scott P, Domingo M, Amanda B, David C, Barry F, JD H, James H, Bob H, Charlie S, and Rory C. Vehicles were two M1009s, one with an M416 trailer; one Jeep; one M1028 with M116A3 trailer; one M35A2; one M185A3, and one M931A2.

The rains held off while everyone was driving in/setting up, but finally followed through with the threat and we had a very heavy and longlasting downpour, followed by a few showers. We've been rained on before, so we just hung out at various times in the back of Scott's M35, or under the popup shelters. We all got wet, but no biggie, no one melted!

Despite the rain, the temperatures were warm, so a lot of folks braved the wet to attend the show.

The ceiling lifted enough for a condensed air show of about an hour and a half - the various aircraft flew, lots of good explosions, and we had a very lively and entertaining dogfight between two biplanes.

When the show ended, those of the public who were stuck in the various grass parking lots immediately thought of those nice military trucks, and we had several requests to pull folks out. With each car we pulled out, more requests were being made, so we eventually had to just drive all the vehicles off the airfield to get out of what could have turned into an all-evening affair.

Once off the airport and regrouped, we adjourned for a well earned dinner before all departed for home.

Pictures by Rory, Domingo, and Amanda.


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