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Zombie Charge

20 October, 2017

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Zombie Charge Vehicle Display
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
DATE: 20 October 2017

Vehicles in Attendance: 2
Members in Attendance: John S, Jim H

John S went with his HUMVEE and trailer, Jim H showed up with an M38A1. The club had been invited to this event to provide eye candy and atmosphere for a fun run obstacle course with zombies trying to collect streamers attached to participant waists. It was attended by an estimated 100-200 adults and kids. Its purpose was to promote physical fitness and primarily as a fundraiser for the American Red Cross.

John and Jim stayed there for about six hours. We spent the most of our time chit-chatting on military careers and miscellaneous. We had some folks wanting to take pictures and of course we accommodated them.

One shining note was about a group of youths and adult leaders from an organization called YOUNG MARINES. They were there to help out in the entry and parking duties. John noted that they were extremely courteous to us and showed great discipline for young kids. John spent a lot of time with them as they made the obstacle run also. This is not a JROTC organization, but an organization spawned from the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE and has been chartered for fifty years and staffed mostly with retired/former marines. They take kids from 8 years old until finishing high school. I suppose they are similar in nature to Boy Scouting.

John and I enjoyed this event even if it was small and short. Jim H


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