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Texas Independence Day Parade

4-March, 2017

Auistin, Texas


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EVENT: Texas Independence Day Parade
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
DATE: 4 March 2017

Vehicles in Parade: 10 Members in Parade: 15

The event was a success despite early moderate rains and some parade control confusion. More spectators were present than in previous years. The control function confusion started when we moved to the bridge for lineup. There were no parade event coordinators to be found. It had been changed to 0900 hrs instead of the 00830 hrs as in the past. Once we got beyond this problem, an event controller was overheard saying that the MVPA was the only element in the right place. Fortunately, the rains quit when we moved onto the bridge and stayed away until way after the parade completed. Several members had signed up for the parade but were unable to get there for safety and other reasons. Thos who did attend had a good time despite the wet conditions.

Those in attendance were: Rory C, Caitlin C, Patrick C, Amanda B, Frank C, Danny K, Fred H, Domingo M, Matt T, Jackie W and son James, John SS, Jim H, James H and daughter Amanda. We also transported four of Maddog’s friends, two boys in a jeep and two grandparents in a M1009. Most went to Threadgill’s afterward for a warming meal. Barry F and family also attended the luncheon even though they wwere unable to make the parade.

Parade pins were provided for parade participants. Pictures courtesy of Chaplain James H.

Jim H.



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