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13 May, 2017

Benbrook Lake


Start Over

Event: Thubderbirds
When: May 13th, 2017 0900-1500
Where: Benbrook Lake

Saturday, May 13th, Visited RC club was a member of for many years. Traveled with GPW and my old friend Lt. Col Tom"Tora Tom" Hill USAF(ret) and his Jeep w/M2 HB .50 to visit Thunderbird Field at Benbrook Lake. Was a nice long drive for our Jeeps. The folks at the Fly-In provided us with fun, friendship and food. About 120 folks were in attendance. That is a big crowd for one of these events. We used to have around 20 folks show up when I was a member years ago. Increase seems to come from a change in technology. Aircraft are made of mostly of molded foam with electric motors. They are crash survivable compared to the stick and cover construction I was used to. It is no longer necessary to endure long build times and oily fueled engines. This makes the hobby a great deal easier for newcomers.

I would like to thank club member M/Sgt Woody Lake USAF(ret) for being our host. Attached is a picture of him and his B-25. It made a a great Spot Landing on the hood of my Jeep. The Russians and N. Koreans need to watch out for our new STOVL B-25's!!!

Keep 'em Rolling/Flying




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