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Scout Parade

4 February, 2016

Austin, Texas


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The Scout Parade was on 4 February. Marc H. (LSMVPA member) had requested support to carry 40 scouts in the parade, Many of our drivers were unable to drive there vehicles for various reasons. Marc had been notified that we could on handle 12-14 scouts. Normally John S. would provide support with large truck and trailer but his vehicle was having maintenance problems. But John spent a week feverishly working on it and got it done the day before the parade. A BIG kudos to John S. for his efforts. We were able to fully support Marc H. request. It was a dreary day with drizzle the whole time, but that didnít dampen any spirits. Others in attendance were Chaplain James H with his M1009, (James had to tow Marc H. jeep as it was having maintenance issues). Ward B. drove his jeep carrying his two grandsons (one of which was an Eagle Scout). And Jim H. with his jeep. Bill B. was there as well representing scouting and riding in Johnís trailer.

The LSMVPA came through once again with flying colors as the scouts were most appreciative.

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