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Red, White, and Blue Dinner

11 November, 2017

Austin, Texas


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Event: 14th Annual Red, White & Blue Veterans Banquet
Event Purpose: Fund raising for the JR. ROTC’s in the Surround Bastrop area.
Date: November 11, 2017 Doors open at 5:45 PM
Location: Bastrop Convention & Exhibition Center1408 Chestnut St. Bastrop Texas.

The members of the Lone Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association were requested guests of the event. Military Vehicles were provided for Display outside the buildings main entry. The Vehicles were under the roof in front of the main lobby windows.

All members with vehicles provided a drop cloth under the vehicle to prevent oil stains on the sidewalk. Members were asked to climb the curb slowly as not to leave any black tire marks.

All Vehicles parked under the roof had a ground guide during placement of the vehicle. Vehicles were between the entrance doors and the service doors. This was over 46 feet of space. The North door was the main entrance and used by the guests. Barry F. had a British display table near this entrance. John S. had his Hummer parked at the entrance for display. Jim Holder had his M38A1 on display and stood by to answers questions about the club and the displayed vehicles. We had Ralph M. with his mule and Rick H and wife displayed a WW2 jeep. Madison H. displayed his M37A1 Army Truck. Danny K. displayed his Air Force Blue M37. Domingo M had his green camo M1009 on display. James H had his desert color M1009 on display.

LSMVPA displays on the inside took 46 feet of table space and extended from the south door to the north door. Madison H had over 30 feet of table space with his display of WW 1, WW 2, Korea and Vietnam era military gear. Domingo M. had 6 tables of ordnance and other cold war era military gear. James H was next to Domingo’s display with his Chaplin display which included a Chaplin manikin in his Chaplin attire. Supporting the display set-up and answering guest’s questions Dan C, Joey H, and Ray H. A big thanks to all our members present for supporting each other when it came time to put everything up. The set-up started around 1:30 and was in place by 4:00 pm. Many people came in to see the displays and left. At 5:00 pm the doors were open to the dining guests. Most of them did visit the Display tables. Call to dinner for the guests was at 6:30 PM at that point they were moving into the Dining hall. Dinner was served at 7:10 PM. It is estimated they fed over 500 people.

LSMVPA started display tear down at the time most of the guests were in the dining room. LSMVPA were treated to the same meal the guests received. We ate on our display tables and they brought meals to us! After we ate and consumed several deserts we resumed taking down the display. LSMVPA used the back parking lot northwest section for down loading vehicles and parking of tow vehicles.

Contact Information:
Event Director Col. Richard H Ret AF, Bastrop County Veterans Advocate, 512-629-6590
Convention Center Contact: Kathy D, Director, 512-332-8984


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