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Ranch Camp

11-February, 2017

Bastrop, Texas


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EVENT: Hughes Ranch Camp-Out
LOCATION: Hughes Ranch Cedar Creek Texas
DATE: February 10 thru 12, 2017

Madison H and Wife hosted a club outing on their ranch in Cedar Creek Texas. The event was a camp out Friday & Saturday nights ending Sunday! The Saturday breakfast and Lunch was catered by Madisonís son-in-law Jeff Hewitt (I-O-U Bar-B-Que). Jeff and 4 friends and wife served over 85 people for the noon Bar-B-Que. Brisket and sausage were served with potato salad and beans! The meal was great!

Lone Star MVPA members and family were present with friends of Madisonís. Purple Heart friends and other military buddies of Madisonís were also present! Rory Cís and Matt Tís 2 Ĺ ton vans were used as campers! Mark C brought his large military truck to sleep in and Cook out of! Mark hosted the Friday night campers to Dutch oven cooking! I am not sure what it was but it was good and everyone had seconds and thirds! Mark C also cook Saturday evening meal and so did Matt T. James H or club Chaplin brought members of his church for the Saturday meal and the kids were given Mule rides by Rory C and Mr. Cowan. Many of the guests walked the many trails on the ranch with no one getting lost! Madison Gave Jeep rides to the kids also.

Madison and most of the guests agreed that the event was very good! All asked when is it next year! Madison Has said doing this every year will be fine with him. He also wanted his guests to know his camp ground is available to all the Lone Star MVPA members and friends who wish to camp out or host their events.

Madison Wanted to thank his friends who came out on many occasions to help prepare the camp grounds. Ray H, Charlie S, James H and John C all spent lots of time helping Madison move brush, remove stumps, burn brush, cut and stack fire wood.



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