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Purple Heart

11 November, 2017

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: Purple Heart
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
DATE: 11 November 2017

The 1919 Chapter of the Purple Heart ASSO. Requested support of the LSMVPA to provide an open vehicle to transport their Purple Santa Clause in the parade. Madison H who has been doing this support since 2005 again proudly transported Raymond D (Purple Santa) in his M 37A1 Truck. In addition support from the Buffalo Soldiers was provide. The Buffalo Soldiers walked alongside the M37 during the parade and received letters addressed to Santa Clause. This is a very thoughtful safety insuring the kids did not get in front of the Truck.

The weather cooperated, it was cool, dry, and overcast. Great weather for a parade. We had a great turnout, 30+ members of the Purple Heart Association. Our position in the parade was # 22. Below is a Thank you E-Mail from the Commander of the Purple Hearts.

Once again, Chapter 1919 MOPH thanks you for joining us in our Veterans Day march. Providing your vintage military vehicle (M37 A1) to transport our Purple Santa and anybody who felt better riding made the parade all the more special. You are much appreciated by all.


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