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Christmas Party

20 December, 2017

Austin, Texas


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EVENT: 2017 Annual LSMVPA Christmas Party
LOCATION: Camp Mabry Military Forces Museum
DATE: 20 December 2017

Vehicles in Parade: None
Members at Party: 57 members and friends

The party this year was as grand as those in the past. More than enough food was available. A special thanks to all those who prepared and brought food. Also a special thanks goes out to Jamie H. who prepared enough Chic-Fil-A chicken nuggets and chicken tenders to feed forty folks. This was a donation to the club valued at over $188.

The party was a time when members really had the time to actually sit and talk to one other as opposed to parades and displays where our focus is elsewhere. Near the end of the party we had our drawing for some items that were donated by the following persons.
Merv P, 2 ea TAClights
Matt T, 3 bottles of adult beverages
Bob H, Camouflaged Bag

Thank you each for your donations!

The cleanup at the end of the party was great with most members and friends helping. Once again we can be proud that we left the premises as clean as we found it. The Camp Mabry Museum and Mr. Jeff H. will be personally thanked for their continued support of our club as well as by a $250.00 donation from the club.

We didnít get a lot of pictures but what we got is attached.

Jim H


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