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Muster Day

22-23 April, 2017

Camp Mabry, Texas


Start Over

Muster Day started for us with several members coming in and setting up on the Friday for the Saturday/Sunday show.

LSMVPA presence seemed smaller than in years past, partially due to staffing two events at the same time. It seems the crowd was smaller too, but we still had a lot of visitors.

Those who participated included Barry F, Rick H, John K, Herb T, Scott P, James and Amanda H, Domingo M, Robert C, Jason S, Patrick C, Trent P, Glen V, Jeff M, Jackie and James W, Matt T, Madison H, Marc H, Amanda B, Rory C.

Jason and Patrick had additional duties crewing the Museum's Sherman tank during the reenactments, while Glen drove their halftrack, and Jeff Mc drove his jeep.

Domingo, James H and Rory set up a large display of weapons and equipment, along with James' chaplain tent.

Weather was very windy, and fairly chilly, there was some light rain early Saturday, which remained overcast and murky, but the rest of the weekend was dry.

The crowd was good both days of the event. We were stationed in the Museum parking lot and had a lot of interest in the vehicles and displays. We did not run the jeep taxi this year, however some members gave rides.

Overall Muster Day was a sucessfull event.




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