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Memorial Day Service

29 May, 2017

Veterans Park, Smithville, Texas


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What: Memorial Day Service
Where: Veterans Park, Smithville TX
When: 29 May 2017 0930

LSMVPA were once again invited to do a timeline of US military for the Memorial Day service in Smithville. We managed to represent many conflicts from the Civil War to the Present.

And once again, it was not dry! The rain came down in torrents prior to the event, and prevented some of our personnel from showing up. But it did stop in time for the actual service, so that was a bit of relief, and the ceremony went well.

Afterwards, we went to the local VFW hall for further events and lunch.

Those braving the weather included Jim H, Madison H, Danny K, Barry and Blanca F, Toby C, Fred H, Jackie W, James W, James H, Patrick C, David C, and Rory C


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