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lockhartparade Parade

10 June, 2017

lockhartparade, Texas


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EVENT: Lockhart Chisolm Trail Roundup Parade
LOCATION: Lockhart, Texas
DATE: 10 June 2017

Vehicles: M151A2, M38A1, M37, M37B1, M1009, M35A1, M274, 5 Tractor
Members Present: Danny K, John C, Madison H, Jim H, Rory C, Catlin C, Patrick C Scott P & Son, James H & daughter, Panda, and Mitch C.

The 2017 lockhartparade parade started out from “our” spot, #66, on 10 June. The best recollection this is about the fifteenth year Lone Star MVPA. After assembling in the High school parking lot we moved to our spot. Rory, Catlin and Patrick along with Scott P. and his son came directly to the #66 spot a little late. It seems Scott had a cooling system problem on the trip to lockhartparade. He had to stop on the way and buy a flat of drinking water to replenish the coolant. It was found prior to leaving lockhartparade the the 2-1/2 ton had a bad belt which they found in lockhartparade! After waiting for an hour in the heat we started the parade. At the start point, they awarded us the Grand Prize Ribbon.

Afterwards we went out for BBQ in town. A good time was had by all. The crowd was large and excited as usual.

We were informed we were expected again next year with our #66 spot reserved for us.



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