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Hogeye Festival

28 October, 2017

Elgin, Texas


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EVENT: Hogeye Festival
LOCATION: Elgin, Texas
DATE: 28 October 2017-11-01

Vehicles in Event: 3
Members in Event: 3

The event was attended by Madison H with his M37, James Hy with his M1009 and Jim H with his M37B1.

The day started off quite chilly and only warmed up enough to remove jackets but it didnít rain. We occupied a busy corner the same as last year and were guaranteed the spot for all future Hogeye events. The event seemed to draw a lot more folks interested in our vehicles than the previous two years. Even the event organizers noted a more successful event than previous years.

This is a favorite event for several of our members, especially for those living in the area. We had an enjoyable time with fine folks, organizers and food.

Itís a shame that the Hogeye Festival and the Taylor Car Show had to be on the same weekend.


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