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Fort Hood Historic Military Vehicle Rally

20-22 October, 2017

Fort Hood, Texas


Start Over

A successful weekend at the HMVR at Fort Hood this past weekend! Saturday was an absolute fantastic day with a great tank trail ride, a visit to the Shadow Unmanned Vehicle airstrip, a up-close view of the towed artillery firing and a visit with the Striker brigade conducting gunnery. Some of the most beautiful vistas in Texas were ours to enjoy and the weather was sunny and cool with enough cloud cover to take the edge off. I've attached some picture to show just a little bit of what we enjoyed. A big welcome to two new vehicles joining us. Great meeting Charlie, Glenn and Lane. FYI: People have been posting on our Facebook page, so take a look at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FortHoodMilitaryVehicleRally/

The static display day was a great set-up. Thanks to Matt and Greg for bringing the halftrack out. It turns out that three brigades were having organization days out at BLORA (where we were camping)...we were wondering where all the Soldiers were on Friday. AAR comment #1...make sure to take a look at the III Corps calendar leading up to the Rally to identify if there would be a better place to shift the static display. AAR comment#2...advertising on Fort Hood continues to be a challenge...might need to go back to posters at prominent locations on Hood leading up to the HMVR.

Sunday's patrol was cancelled. Due to lots of folks pre-plans to depart on Sunday morning, there was only a small group prepped to go out on the 22nd. A big rainstorm came in with the front, and missed projections of blowing past before the start of the run. Consensus from the group was to pack out before the next rain ban hit...which didn't materialize. By noon, the day was clear and sunny (kicked myself all the way back to San Antonio thinking about the fun trails we could have made...there is always next year!).

The cabin reservations seems to have appealed to everyone. I intend to make a block reservation for cabins for HMVR 18. We did have some tents set up between the cabins, and that was successful as well with access to the public bathrooms along with electric and water from the cabins. AAR#3: Going to think about consolidated parking for the trucks and trailers.

Many, many thanks to Mike and Carol Wagnon for a great Pot Luck dinner on Friday night. Plenty of food and it was all delicious! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the meal (I want the chili recipe Mike!). AAR#4: Have to find a pavilion to set up in so there is plenty of seating for everyone.

Last is the thanks to the Fort Hood staff at the headquarters, range control and BLORA for making the HMVR17 a success once again. Another thank you to the 89th MP for the Soldier rider to keep us out of trouble in the training area.

See y'all next year at the Great Place!



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