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Belmont Village Senior Living

10 September, 2017

West Lake Hills, Texas


Start Over

What: Belmont Village Senior Living Facility, West Lake Hills
Where: Westlake TX
When: 10 September, 2017

Club Members: James B. (1942 Willys MB) Contingency Purpose: In support of Hanger Dance USO Show for Grandparents Day.

1. Arrived at location and made contact with activity programs coordinator, Lucinda Farrah. The staff was very nice and gave me an idea of where to download and made accommodations for parking my trailer. Lucinda had given me permission ahead of time to bring a non-functional display weapon. I setup the jeep and wore period uniform for the event.

2. Lots of interaction with residents and their families. Some of the old timers told stories about their experiences. People liked seeing the M1918 BAR. Kids wore my extra army helmet, and some of the ladies got in the driver's seat for photo ops.

3. A sum of $11.00 was collected in the Lonestar-MVPA donations can. Donated funds will be tendered to the treasurer at our Sept. 20 club meeting.

4. The event execution was smooth and stayed on schedule. No incidents to report.



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