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Texas Vietnam Monument Dedication

29 March, 2014

Austin, Texas


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The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument stands as an honor to all Texans who served in the Vietnam War and it also serves as a permanent memorial to the 3,417 Texans who never came home.

A welcome home for Vietnam vets& a memorial for 13714 Texas vets who didn't come back -80 + still MIA. Very moving ceremony & beautiful monument.The monument depicts a group of 5 soldiers in defensive mode protecting each other & wounded buddy awaiting a medivac by chopper! The project was 9 years in the making & cost 2M.

The dedication of the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument was held at the Capital on the 29th at 1000 hours. Over 5,000 vets ;families & friends in attendance for 3 hour ceremony with childrens choir ; Patriot guard motorcycle members; cadets from San Antonio High School who had highest number of lost vets/ grad. students- (48) in USA; plus Gov. of Texas.Weather gorgeous. I was interviewed and was seen on local TV news station.

The dedication ended with the blessing of the Monument by The Lone Star Hethuska War Dance Society. Bill B. is a MVPA member and is the one 2nd from the left, first row.(War Dance Society member) and Bill is also a member of the Central TX Base USSVI U.S. Navy Retired, Submarine Service and that was the group that had the scale model sub at the Dedication.Thousands of veterans participated in the dedication. The MVPA was also there to display several Vietnam era vehicles to the various visitors.

There was quite a selection of Nam vehicles including a huey ;several trucks;a mule & jeeps plus a small sub to represent the navy. I felt honoured to represent the many CDN boys who came south & joined the US forces to fight in Nam & paid the price plus a reflection of my brief assignment in Nam & friendship with other Nam vets.



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