Lone Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association



ARTICLE I - Identification

 Section 1

The name of the association is Lone Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association, hereinafter called the ďClub.Ē 


ARTICLE II - Purpose

 Section 1

To promote the awareness of, and interest in the history and preservation of military vehicles and equipment.

ARTICLE III - Membership and Meetings

Section 1 - Classification

1.1  The membership shall consist of the following classifications:  a) Active, b) Complimentary, c) Inactive.

a)      Active membership shall be open to individuals who support the purposes of the club.

b)      Complimentary memberships shall be given on a discretionary basis for a limited duration as determined by the Executive Board.

c)      Inactive status shall be used for any member that does not fit any criteria listed above.

Section 2 - Application for Membership

2.1  Individuals seeking membership shall furnish information on a standardized application form obtained from the Treasurer.  The completed application form must be returned to the Treasurer with a check payable to the Club in the amount of the first yearís dues for such membership type.

Section 3 - Privileges

3.1  Active members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office, elect officers, vote, serve on committees, and participate in the organizationís activities.

Section 4 - Change of Address

All members should notify the Secretary of any change in status, name, address, phone number, etc.  If mail is returned to sender on two occasions, there will be automatic cancellation of correspondence.

Section 5 - Discipline/Expulsion

5.1  The Executive Board may suspend or expel or reinstate a member at which time it will notify such member.

a)      1st offense: Verbal notification to member and President.

b)      2nd offense: Written notification to member, President and the Executive Board.

c)      3rd offense: Expulsion.

5.2  The accused member shall be notified in writing of the action and shall have the privilege of being present at a special or regular meeting of the Executive Board, at which the charges will be considered.

5.3  The member may be expelled by a three-fourths vote of the Executive Board.

Section 6 - Withdrawal

6.1  Any member may withdraw from the club after fulfilling all obligations to it by giving notice of such intention to the Secretary, which notice shall be effective upon receipt.

6.2  Each memberís rights, title and interest in and to the Club shall cease on the termination of his/her membership.

Section 7 - Regular Meetings

There shall be a monthly regular meeting.  The Executive Board may modify this schedule as needed.  Notice of such meeting shall be given each member at least 30 days before the meeting or as soon as possible.

Section 8 - Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the President or the Executive Board.  Upon written notice of one-third of the membership, the President shall call a meeting.  Notice of special meetings shall be given to the members as soon as possible.

Section 9 - Majority/Quorum

9.1  At any meeting, five (5) members in good standing including the President or his/her designee of the Club, shall constitute a quorum for all purposes.  The act of the members present in person with a qualified quorum at any meting shall be the act of the full membership.

9.2  Any matter brought before the membership is approved by the membership if it receives the affirmative vote of the majority of persons present in person at any meeting the quorum requirement is met.

9.3  At every meeting of members, each Active member shall be entitled to vote in person.  All elections shall be had, and all questions decided by a majority of the votes present in person with a qualified quorum.

Section 10 - Compensation

Members shall not receive any salary for their services as such, but by resolution of the Executive Board, the Board shall have the power in its discretion to contract for and to pay to members rendering unusual or special services to the Club compensation appropriate to the value of such services, subject to the approval of the members present at a regular meeting.



Section 1

Each Active member shall pay on or before December 31, of each calendar year an annual dues as from time to time established by the Executive Board and approved by the membership.

Section 2

2.1  Membership will lapse automatically upon non-payment of dues provided the member has been notified by the Treasurer at least one month in advance of such action. 

2.2  New memberships on or prior to 06/30 of the calendar year shall not be pro-rated.  New memberships after 06/30 of the calendar year shall be one-half (1/2) of the annual dues for membership.

2.3  Members dropped from the Club (Inactive status) for non-payment of dues may be reinstated only when they submit the dues then due for the current dues period.


ARTICLE V - The Executive Board

Section 1

The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the committee heads.

Section 2

The Executive Board shall handle the regular business of the organization.

Section 3 - Meetings

Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held no less than annually but called meetings may be conducted Ďat willí by the Executive Board.

Section 4 - Quorum

A quorum for conducting the business of the Executive Board shall be not less than two-thirds members of the board empowered to vote.


ARTICLE VI - Officers and Committee Chairpersons

Section 1

There shall be the following elected officers:

a)      President

b)      Vice President or Vice President(s)

c)      Secretary (may be subdivided to provide for a recording secretary and corresponding secretary)

d)      Treasurer (may be combined with the Secretary duties)

Section 2

An officer who does not comply with assigned responsibilities may be relieved of office by majority  vote of the Executive Board.  Appointment of a replacement shall be made by the Executive Board with approval of the membership.

Section 3

The heads of committees shall be appointed by the President immediately after installation of the Executive Board.  They are approved by the elected Executive Board.

ARTICLE VII - Elections


Section 1 - Nominations

1.1  A nominating committee consisting of a chairperson and one member shall be appointed by the Executive Board four (4) months prior to the regular elections. 

1.2  Report of the nominating committee shall be made at the October meeting.

1.3  A nominee must be an Active member in good standing with a minimum of six (6) months membership to be considered.

1.4  Nominations from the floor will be in order at the same meeting when elections are conducted.

Section 2 - Elections

2.1  The nominating committee shall conduct the elections according to the procedures set up in the standing rules.

2.2  Each Active member present will have one vote each for each of the positions on the ballot.

Section 3 - Term of Office

3.1  Officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) year, to serve from the time of installation in January until the succeeding installation of officers in January the following year.

Section 4 - Transition of Administration

There shall be a meeting of the Executive Board immediately following installation.  It should include the outgoing and incoming officers and the committee chairpersons.  Upon the introduction of new business; the gavel, BY-LAWS/charter, and files are turned over to the newly installed President, who then becomes the presiding officer.


ARTICLE VIII - Duties of Officers


Section 1 - The President shall:

a)      preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and general meetings of the organization, and at any special meetings;

b)      appoint the committee heads;

c)      make interim appointments as needed with the approval of the Executive Board;

d)      sign all contracts with the recording Secretary after approval of the Executive Board;

e)      serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except that of the nominating committee; and

f)        call a special meeting when it is necessary.

g)†† implement the instructions of Article XII of these bylaws, Death of a Member or an Immediate Family Member in the event of a death.

Section 2 - The Vice-President shall:

a)      perform the duties of an absent President, and;

b)      perform such duties as are assigned by the President.

Section 3 - The Secretary shall:

a)      record the minutes of all proceeding of the Board and membership meetings, and;

b)      with the President, shall sign all contracts for the Club.

Section 4 - The Treasurer shall:

a)      have charge of all the funds of the organization;

b)      maintain a specific, non-comingled account for Club finances,

c)      make an annual financial report to the membership;

d)      deposit membership dues and income for the Club; and,

e)      provide for Club distributions as required.


ARTICLE IX - Miscellaneous

Section 1 - Receipt of Contributions

The Executive Board may accept on or behalf of the Club any contribution, gift, bequest or devise for the general purposes or for any special purpose of the Club.

Section 2 - Dissolution

a)      No dividend shall be paid and no part of the income or proceeds of the Club shall be distributed to itís members, directors or officers excepting compensation in a reasonable amount for reimbursement for expenses. 

b)      No member shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the Club assets upon dissolution of the Club.  All members of the Club shall be deemed to have expressly consented and agreed that upon such dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Club, whether voluntary or involuntary, the assets of the Club after all debts have been satisfied then remaining in the hands of the Executive Board, shall be distributed, transferred, conveyed, delivered and paid over to an organization with similar purposes, if any exist, or, to a museum which preserves military vehicles and memorabilia, provided such organization then qualifies under the provision of Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations.

c)      If there is no such organization or it does not qualify, the Executive Board shall transfer the remaining property to such other military vehicle organization or museum or other similar organization as may qualify under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 3

Any notice required herein to any member and all statements, demands and other communications shall be in writing and such notice either may be delivered personally to such member or may be sent by United States mail, postage pre-paid, and addressed to the member to whom notice is to be given as such memberís address as it appears on the records of the Club.

Section 4

Any notice given pursuant to this Article, if mailed, shall be deemed to have been delivered when deposited in the United States mail.

Section 5

The Executive Board has final authority to act in all matters concerning the Club, subject to these BY-LAWS and appropriate state law.


ARTICLE X - Rules and Regulations


Section 1

Unless otherwise reserved, restricted or prohibited by the BY-LAWS, the Executive Board shall have the power to adopt and enforce rules and regulations as they determine necessary for the operation of the Club.

ARTICLE XI - Amendments

 Section 1

Amendments may be made to the BY-LAWS by a quorum majority of the members present at any regular meeting or special meeting of the members, provided that there is notice of such meeting which states that such amendment is to be considered.

ARTICLE XII Ė Death of a Member or an Immediate Family Member

Section 1

Purpose: This procedure is to direct the club President and members to take action when a member of the club or a close member of a memberís family dies.Immediate family members are considered as wife, brother, sister, child or parents.

Notification: Once a club member is notified of the death of a member or memberís family the club member shall E-Mail or call the President of the club or the Vice President should the President not be available.The member who receives the information should convey all known facts at the time to the President or Vice President.

President Actions: The President of the club shall verify the information before any club wide notification is sent.Should a member who has a close friendship with the member or his family have information he should convey the information to the President in support of the E-Mail notification.

E-Mail Notification: The President shall initiate an E-Mail containing the memberís name and who has passed away.This shall be sent to all club members.All information might not be complete at the time of the first E-Mail.

The President will try to gather additional information as to arrangements.This sometimes takes several days.Once the President determines where and when the services will be held, he will send an E-Mail to the membership which shall include the bereaved memberís mailing address.Any and all may feel free to attend the funeral if the member does not object or give notice that the service is limited to family members only.Members are also encouraged to send cards or donations to the charity of the bereaved memberís choice.

Presidents Action: The President shall purchase flowers for the Memorial or Gravesite servicesand be reimbursed up to $75 for a member loss or up to $50 for a members immediate family member loss. In the event the family of the deceased requests donations to a charity in lieu of flowers, the President shall be approved to direct the Treasurer to provide a check for not more than $25.00 to be sent to the memberís specified charity if one is specified.†† The President shall send a sympathy card signed by the President on behalf of the club membership.A second card signed by the membership present at the next regular meeting shall also be sent to the member.This may be several days after the funeral but it is still a membership expression of the clubs condolences of the memberís loss.