Event: San Marcos Air Show
Date: May 21 & 22, 2005
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Description: HOT!

About 7:30am, members of the Lonestar-MVPA began rolling into the San Marcos Airport for the first of two days of terrific air show, camaraderie, and food.    Saturday's participants included Rory C. and his daughter Caitlin in the Unimog, Danny K. with his M151A2 and M416 trailer, Scott S. with his M38A1 and M1-BBQ, Clint D. with his son Colton and their M38, Toby C. and his MB, Herb T, his wife Nikki and their daughter Emily along with the GPW, John K. and his wife Cammi, kids Caylee and Sydney along with the inlaws and the MB.

The group staked out the 'tree' in the center of the field and after some discussions with show management, could stay there without the parking attendants closing in the area around the display.  As the morning warmed up, the planes came in from everywhere.  Prior to the show, an F-14 did several fly-by passes to warm the spectators up a bit.  As a group, we were requested to haul five or six distinguished guests prior to the start of the show which we did in fine fashion.

As the show was starting, Scott fired up the M1-BBQ and along with Rory kept a watch on the many displays of equipment and weapons on display.  The temperatures began to climb and the crowd began to "crowd" our area so Scott and Rory began telling people they would have to leave when the vehicles arrived.

After the opening ceremonies, the vehicles came back to the 'camp' and Scott had the grill going with hamburgers, cheeseburgers with the option of cooked bacon this time.  Don from the Highland Lakes squadron of the CAF came by and our group was feasting on singles and double-meat burgers until only a few were left.  At that point, Scott asked if anyone in the area wanted one and a few people stepped up.

The show began and the temperature kept climbing and our shade kept retreating.  However, we maintained good hydration, kept the spectators to a minimum in our area and watched a pretty good show albeit a bit scaled back from previous shows.

Day two of the show brought everyone back except Herb.  We setup the camp area again and noticed the crowds were about half of the previous days attendance.  As a group, we fielded a few questions but for the most part, it was quiet.  Clint took his his out to drive the M38 in an open field and Caitlin drove Scott's M38A1 as well for quite some time.

About show-time, Danny, Toby, Clint and John hauled the distinguished guests again without so much as a mention from the show announcer as to who our group was, or who the distinguished guests were.  When they got back, Scott had the M1-BBQ going and in short order the jalapeno elk sausages/ buffalo sausages were ready courtesy of Toby. 

As the show progressed, Toby loaded up and headed out.  About mid-way through, Danny loaded up as did Scott and John and by the end of the bombers run had left.  Rory/Caitlin and Clint/Colton remained until the end of the show before departing.

Overall, it was a good show, very quiet and hot.

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1937 USMC Recruiting Truck The group (less Rory) The "Donation Bomb" Rory's Unimog Danny's M151A2/M416
05sanaf.JPG (132795 bytes) 05sanag.JPG (129456 bytes) 05sanah.JPG (131937 bytes) 05sanai.JPG (131084 bytes) 05sanaj.JPG (134315 bytes)
Scott's M38A1 Clint's M38 Toby's MB Herb's GPW John's MB
05sanak.JPG (128106 bytes) 05sanal.JPG (124759 bytes) 05sanam.JPG (126397 bytes) 05sanan.JPG (125550 bytes) 05sanao.JPG (129409 bytes)
Colton Nikki, Emily and Herb Emily Danny manning the sales Chow Line
05sanap.JPG (122974 bytes) 05sanaq.JPG (131228 bytes) 05sanar.JPG (129856 bytes) 05sanas.JPG (128091 bytes) 05sanat.JPG (131656 bytes)
Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers w/bacon! Nice weapons display from a member Herb and friends Lockheed T-33
(P-80 Shooting Star)
Ray and his sales associate.  (eagle-8's b-day party last year)
05sanau.JPG (125814 bytes) 05sanav.JPG (128842 bytes) 05sanaw.JPG (129500 bytes) 05sanax.JPG (127109 bytes) 05sanay.JPG (127962 bytes)
Raytheon T-1A
Tanker Trainer
Short Brothers PLC C-23
North American AD-4
Stinson L-5
Cessna U3-A (310/L27)
05sanaz.JPG (131436 bytes) 05sanba.JPG (125864 bytes) 05sanbb.JPG (127085 bytes) 05sanbc.JPG (125559 bytes) 05sanbd.JPG (124990 bytes)
Beech T-34
L-39 (Czech trainer)
Grumman TBM-3
Douglas C47-B
Boeing B17-G
"Flying Fortress"
05sanbe.JPG (126968 bytes) 05sanbf.JPG (131392 bytes) 05sanbg.JPG (130737 bytes) 05sanbh.JPG (128938 bytes) 05sanbi.JPG (126443 bytes)
North American B25-J Mitchell Bomber Bell P-63
"King Cobra"
Spitfire Mk.XVIe
Yakovlev Trainer Boeing PT-13 "Caydet" Stearman
05sanbk.JPG (129777 bytes) 05sanbl.JPG (128755 bytes) 05sanbm.JPG (127085 bytes) 05sanz.JPG (123077 bytes) 05sanbo.JPG (127780 bytes)
Curtiss P-22
Cessna O-2A
"Oscar Deuce"
Cessna L-19
"Bird Dog"
Czech nose-art Focke-Wulf FW-44 "Stieglitz"
05sanbp.JPG (127473 bytes) 05sanbq.JPG (125853 bytes) 05sanbr.JPG (126161 bytes) 05sanbs.JPG (121759 bytes) 05sanbt.JPG (128372 bytes)
Cessna 140 North American PBJ-IJ
Curtiss SB2C-5
What a disgrace with the Texas flag! Catlin, Scott and Colton
05sanbu.JPG (119026 bytes) 05sanbv.JPG (114048 bytes) 05sanbw.JPG (121225 bytes) 05sanbx.JPG (124012 bytes) 05sanby.JPG (115274 bytes)
B17-G P-63F B-25 C47-B PBJ-IJ


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