Event: CFC Aviation's Bell 47 Birthday Party
Date: October 9, 2004
Location: CFC Aviation - Georgetown Airport, Georgetown Texas
Description: A pretty nice birthday party if we don't say so ourselves!

The day before the event, Scott S. was checking the weather on KXAN's website and found a link to Jim Swifts "Out on the back porch" episode about a guy named Ray and is 1953 Bell 47 helicopter.  The story continued about how Ray had fled Iran some 15 years ago in a daring helicopter escape which took him across three countries and finally to America.  (but that's another story).  Anyway, Scott was interested in photo opportunities with his 1953 Korean era M38A1 and sent Ray an email.  A bit later, Ray responded and told Scott of the "birthday party for Eagle 8, a Bell 47".  Not being able to resist a party, Scott promptly put the word out about the event on the club email listing.

Saturday morning arrived with temperatures in the mid-60's and crisp dry air.  Scott trailered his '53 M38A1 up to the Georgetown airport as did Danny trailering his M151A2 and M416 trailer.  Glen V arrived driving his CJ2A.  Upon arrival, we met Ray and he directed us to a spot under some trees next to the tarmac.  We parked next to his 1952 M170 Frontline Ambulance he had sitting out.  We were all dressed in drag and ready for some fun.

About 11am, the people began to arrive and mill around the vehicles and assorted helicopters that had arrived for the event.  There were tables and chairs, popcorn, sno-cones (thanks Susan) and plenty of cold beverages (thanks Cynthia).  Ray began his free rides for the kids (again, another story...) and the band began to play some good tunes.  We now had a full fledged party going on.  Then..... the bbq fired up and hotdogs, chips etc were served.  All the while, Ray kept shuttling kids for quick rides around the airport in the beautifully refurbished Bell 47.

About 2pm, Ray took off with two other helicopters and they made two beautiful passes over the birthday party participants.  Upon landing, the birthday cake was cut and distributed.  Danny, Scott and Glen had a ball and so did the participants.  

In fact, we hope to be invited back next year for birthday party #51....  Thanks Ray. 

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"Eagle 8" Eagle 8 and the club vehicles Danny and Glen Danny's M151A2 Glen's CJ2A
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Scott's '53 M38A1 Ray's M170 The club line-up Bell 47, 1953 delivery
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Ray at the controls One of the guests... KXAN's helicopter Georgetown's best... R22
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Kids waiting for their ride Food is served Ray coming in for a pass The birthday cake ...and Glen enjoying it!
04_cfct.JPG (123508 bytes) 04_cfcu.JPG (124430 bytes) 04_cfcw.JPG (125991 bytes)
1953 Bell 47 and 1953 M38A1 Fueling the Bell 47 One of the kids having fun on Scott's jeep...


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